War of Lords
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    Lord, there is a summon tower in the city that is said to summon the heroes, we can go there first. 10 more recruitments will grant a guaranteed S or SS hero. Now that you have a powerful hero, let’s go to formation. Hold down your hero, drag and drop! Heroes can be graded as: A, S,SS, SSS, X (from worst to best).
    There are some villgers caught by elemental evil spirits in their checkpoints. Please go to rescue them! You don’t lose troops in dungeon battles. It requires food to conscript soldiers.

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    After continuous fighting, the soldiers in the team have been worn out. Lord, please replenish your troops in time. The strength will affect the hero’s HP, ATK and DEF attributes, which is the key to victory or defeat!

    cheat Step #2: Lord, we have seized a set of equipment that heroes can wear in Howling town. Equipment can only be obtained in occupy city. You can get various equipment upgrade materials through levels. Use these materials to redeem equipment. Come and choose your favorite.

    code Step #3: elite monsters are powerful but also provide you with abundant EXP. Attack other players to get feat, which can be used to increase your title.
    Lord, i will retreat first, the repair work of the main city has already started, and i will report to you when it is completed. Please continue to follow the guidance of main quest to liberate galt.

    War of Lords Step #4: Heroes leading infantry and cavalry troops can only be placed in front row, and heroes leading archer and mage troops can only be placed in rear row. Crusade on monsters in world map gets you hero experience.

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    • 2. Daily quests, where the sanctum challenges will be reset at each 0:00.

    • 3. You can recruit heroes from summon tower.

    • 4. Remember to sign in after you log in to the game.

    • 5. Evil dragon - element magic rampage wakes up the evil dragon that has been sleeping for a hundred years. Niederhogg, the fierce dragon swore to burn the land it sees into ruins. brave lords and adults, join hands to guard the land of galt.

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