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    Another intruder, humans never learn their lesson. They’ve failed so many times before and now they want to fight me again. Now let’s see what their hero is like.
    This is my favorite super handsome guy, called ‘ikemen’ in the devil world! i can’t believe that someone with such a cool face would come into my labyrinth as a hero. This is fate! But despite his cool face, he might collapse before he gets to me. I get it! I’ll use my magic to help him get to me. In the process, i’ll turn his body into slim and muscular, called ‘slimuscle’ in the devil world i’ve wanted it to be! That’s a good idea.

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    Displays and controls: hero - he explores along the left wall, so he may end up going around in circles in the same place. Enemy - when a hero defeats an enemy, he gains EXP and muscle mass. Item - the hero pick it up and use it. Even if it has a bad effect. The hero goes to the next floor if the level is higher than the current number of floor.

    cheat Step #2: Heroes’ abilities and the number of magic stones left. Abilities: atk, def, blade, heal, barrier, arrow. Muscle mass - it increases when hero defeat a enemy. Doubles during protein. The endings diverge with the final muscle mass. Floor - current number of floors and dungeon floors.

    code Step #3: MP - spend by Mao’s magic, etc; recovers 1 after 50 turns. Full recovery is possible only once via the left button (requires watching a video ad). Swiping the screen while stopped will control the camera.

    Slimuscle Step #4: Skills: stun - makes selected characters unable to act for 1 turn. Burn - the selected item turns into cinders. Love - hero’s HP is fully recovered, but energy is reduced by 10. Guide - move the heroes to the selected location.

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