The Powerpuff Girls Smash
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    Building a world for an adventure. Sugar, spice, and everything nice! These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. But professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction, chemical X. Thus, the powerpuff girls were born! Blossom! Bubbles! Buttercup! Can’t wait to see the unit’s action in Townsville! We needs your help! Clear the puzzles and solve the troubles in townsville.

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    No worries, use your super power ups well and solving the puzzles will not be a problem. Would you go and find out what kind of things are happening in city? Mission: remove all blocks before time runs out! Select 2 blocks with the same pattern to remove them. Be careful since you cannot select blocks that are blocked on both sides. You can clear the mission by removing all blocks.

    cheat Step #2: Matching blocks quickly triggers a stack of combos. You can use your skills when certain amount of combos stack. Blossom can stop the time gauge and show 1 pair of blocks that can be removed. Bubbles can remove one random pair of blocks. Buttercup can remove 1 pair of the same blocks selected.

    code Step #3: You can choose which character to go with for the mission by touching the arrows in the ready screen. This time, you need to collect jewel blocks. You can collect them by finding the hidden jewel blocks and matching them. You can clear the mission by collecting the require amount of jewel blocks.

    The Powerpuff Girls Smash Step #4: Note: you can receive rewards every day by completing daily missions. Easy mode has fewer types of blocks in play. The toy mallet removes the selected block and its matching pair. Twister shuffles all the blocks on the board. A block cannot be selected if both sides are blocked. Magnet blocks cna pull other blocks into their place. Hint points out which blocks can be selected.

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    • 2. Let's save townsville together! Invite friends and get various rewards.

    • 3. Townsville treasure hunt - touch the sparkling area in the world map! Booxes will appear at a certain rate.

    • 4. Equipping boosters can help your gameplay.

    • 5. The toy mallet removes the selected blocks and its matching pair.

    • 6. Rock blocks can be removed by hammer blocks.

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