Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon
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    Welcome to your new factory! Let’s build something awesome together. To start making cars, you need a production line. You earn coins by making and shipping cars. Tap on the worker to finish production. Finished cars are transported to the ship. This is when you earn coins. Now produce 10 cars to earn more coins.

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    You can spend coins to level up your production lines to earn more money. Now each car will earn you more gold. Earn more to expand your factory. Complete tasks to receive rewards and expand your factory. Rank up - now you can start a new factory to get more: vehicles, production lines, managers that boost production, special rank chest.

    cheat Step #2: When starting a new factory you keep your gold, research points and managers. Managers can be upgraded to work faster and better. Go to the managers’ list. Go ahead, level up Don Nadir now. Remember to check whether you can level them up regularly.

    code Step #3: Research points are awarded for upgrading production lines. They can also be found in chests. Remember to regularly check the store for free chests.
    Have you noticed that the train has a limited capacity? You can upgrade it, so it carries more cars. More cars means more money, faster.

    Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon Step #4: The crane moves the cars from the train to the ship. It’s the last stage of the economy, so it’s important that it works efficiently.

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