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    Greetings, and welcome to my private island. I’m professor Chaos! Would you join me for a game? Let’s start the game by purchasing your first unit. Deploy your first unit by dragging it onto the board. Note, you can only place units on your half of the board. The prepare phase is when you perform all your actions. Use this time to plan out your strategy. After deploying, the battle phase will begin! During this phase, players watch their strategy come to life!

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    You leveled up! The number of units you can deploy is tied to your player level. Now that you’re level 2 let’s purchase another unit. That unit activated a synergy bonus, granting a powerful boost to your units. Looks like that synergy bonus really helped last round.

    cheat Step #2: That was too close a fight! I think it’s time we look for a 2 star upgrade! We have no duplicates in the shop, but we do have enough coin for a shop refresh. Look at that, two more Grim Reaper. Let’s purchase them. Now that you have three of a kind, rank up that Grim Reaper! You can choose 1 of the 3 available rank bonuses for Grim reaper! Let’s choose the first bonus.

    code Step #3: Here is a unit draft - take advantage of this free unit to expand your team. Let’s choose the Blob! Wow, more of the Blob! We can’t afford to purchase and deploy both of these right now. Let’s lock the Shop to keep them here and buy them next round. Deploying that Blob has put us over capacity! Thankfully you can purchase XP and level up, increasing board capacity. Deploying this Blob should be fine for now.

    Chaos Battle Chess Step #4: With the knowledge you now possess, you should have no problem crushing your opponent.
    Legendary draft - units drafts have been blessed by the Gods of luck and are handing out all legendary units. But in return, the legendary units have been stripped away from the shop so you’ll have to start thinking ahead about what kinds of teams you’ll be making and how to make the best use out of the legendary draft.

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    • 2. Grim reaper: death's touch - inflict 300SP, DMG on enemies within 3 sq. Each enemy loses another 20% on their total health.
      The blob: Divide and conquer - expand and split off two parts to create two 2-star Blob summons.

    • 3. The chaos battle chess store - from this tab you can purchase things such as in-game items, item bundles, resources and more.

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    • 5. Chess pass - here is where you earn and claim rewards for completing objectives while playing the game.

    • 6. The codex - here you can find all sorts of information such as info on all units, game rules and much, much more.

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