Zombie Blast
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    May 12, 2026, a zombie virus broke out in Georgetown and turned the entire city to hell. Deborah and Miro will never forget that fateful day. In the moment of life and death, the monster fell to the ground at the sound of a gunshot. Tap on nearby “pierces” of the same color to deal damage to the zombies. Try three pieces of the same color. Watch out for the zombies on the right. Use four pieces of the same color against them.

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    I know a shelter at the west of the city. There should be an army to protect us. We should go there first. These monsters are coming for us, we must fight our way out. You’ve saved up enough rage. Now tap on the hero’s avatar to release hero skill. Combine 5 same colored pieces to generate a missle.
    We still have two enemies left. Try Millo’s rage skill to end them.

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    After several battles, the Frederic family finally make it out of the city. They drive towards their destination. Frederic finds a shelter, but unfortunately no one is alive, the zombies are the masters here now. The army seems to have left already, we’ll have to protect ourselves and get rid of the zombies from here.

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    In the face of a strong enemy, we have to stay on track. This is the last lesson before the real thing! First, let’s synthesize a missile. Next synthesize a crystal. Now, let’s see the powerful result!
    The team is enough now, now we can go to the city to search for survivors and resources, we need more survivors to live in this eschatology.

    Step #4: Different pieces will affect the damage of your attack in battle. The attack will weaken and only deliver half damage if you use blue pieces to attack green enemies. The attack will be enhanced and deliver double damage if you use red pieces to attack green enemies. The element restraint information will always be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

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    • 2. Upgrade or ascension of heroes can decrease the difficulty of the passes.

    • 3. Heroes and enemies are divided into five fighting styles: courageous, prudent, guileful, impulsive and imperturbable, corresponding to five colors: red, green, blue, yellow and purple. One fighting style will counter or countered by another fighting style (as illustrated above). Attacking a weak type of enemy with colored can cause 200% damage, but will only cause 50% damage when attacking a powerful type enemy.

    • 4. After the battle we found some survivors, which can be accommodated by the shelter.

    • 5. If the pieces don't touch the enemy at elimination, get 200% rage. Use this trick to accumulate rage fast.

    • 6. The heroes who can heal will greatly improve the existence capability of the team.

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