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    Frayhem redeem codes

    Ghostly well - collect 10 crystals and maintain the advantage. Top bar - this is the number of crystals collected by both teams. Your allies - you fight together to win the battle. Move to the center of the map to collect crystals, and gather them to win. Win battles and claim rewards.
    Battle royale solo - earn a rating of 400 in path of glory to unlock this. Battle royale duo - earn a rating of 150.

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    Tredd (common fighter, tank, aggressive) - enforcer Tredd uses his trusty shotgun to bring law and order mixed with destruction and chaos. No one quite understands his metrics. If Tredd has pyri Pellets, try to hit as many enemies as you can. Each pellet stacks the burning effect applied to the target. The power charge skill variation allows Tredd to slow down the enemies he boldly pushed away. Tredd’s skill can be used for a quick approach as well as a quick retreat.

    cheat, Step #2:
    Passive abilities appears in chests starting at fighter level 30. Carefulness - on taking damage, movement speed is increased by 50% for 1 second. Triggered once every 5 seconds. Distancing - on taking damage, attack range is increased by 30%. Vengefulness - taking damage restores 10% of ultimate energy. Rapid fire - increase reload speed by 25% and reduce attack range by 15%. Rage - on taking damage,reload speed is increased by 50%.

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    Attack variations appear in chests starting at fighter level 1. Attack skills: shotgun shot - fire 5 shotgun bullets. Each bullet deals 300 damage. Aimed shot - fire 3 bullets in a long, narrow area. Hindering shot - each bullet deals 240 damage and reduces the target’s movement speed by -10%/

    Step #4: Collect crystals form the ghostly well or grab them from your opponents. Gather 10 crystals and maintain the advantage before time runs out. Crystals appear around the well in the center of the map. Avoid the explosions created by the well, as they deal a lot of damage.

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    • 2. A skill can't be used while on cooldown.

    • 3. See bushes? They accelerate your fighter's healing. If things get rough, run into bushes! They also hide you.

    • 4. Most fighters build energy by dealing damage. Energy allows you to use the ultimate ability. To cancel an attack or ultimate, just move the joystick back to center. Sometimes it's wise to reconsider.

    • 5. Characters: Alpha (tank, multiple targets) - leads a pack of one. His self assuredness allows him to regenerate while tearing enemies apart.

    • 6. If the other team is winning, focus on someone who will compromise their advantage. If you've collected 10 or more crystals, but the enemy has the same amount, the countdown won't start.

    • 7. You may want to shoot at that suspicious bush. An enemy could be preparing an ambush.

    • 8. Obstacles may not always protect you. Some fighters can attack through obstacles and some can destroy them.

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