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    Mergical Home redeem codes

    I have finally graduated as a design major! Letter read: “your parents are traveling around the world, so the decoration for their old house is all up to you.” I think you should be get prepared before entering. You will like design book that Dad left you, it contains some clues. Try to merge the sculptures to get a big surprise.

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    Moving and merging: You can drag objects on the tile to move them. Each merge will create a more advanced object. You can complete level by creating a level 3 vase. How to win: Create the designated item to achieve victory. Star will show the objects you need to create. Start merging to pass level.

    cheat, Step #2:
    The magical pet doll - merge 3 of them to get a pet. You can tap a specific object twice in a row to let a pet harvest a new object from it. Restoration colors - the power of color is amazing! Tap the restoration color to lift part of the curse.

    Mergical Home code, Step #3:
    I think you are ready, go look around the house! After being abandoned for many years, the cover requires pet energy to remove. The more pets you have, the more energy you can use to unlock more covers. Want to know how to get more pets? Pass more levels to get more pets.

    Step #4:
    How to collect stars? Complete quests in home or level can get more stars. Remember, higher energy can remove the cover. Try tapping a fruit tree or building. You might get a pleasant surprise.

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    • 2. Premium floor - not enough space? Unlock this room to get 21 extra tiles and all these bonus items.

    • 3. Merge to get the best furniture. Unlock a more beautiful garden. Create your own unique room.

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