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    Mergical redeem codes

    There are 3 flower dolls here. Try dragging them together. Wow, a florist - she’s sure to be a great help. Now we can explore these lands. Strange...this place is enveloped by clouds. Whats hidden under them? Disperse the clouds with a tap and let’s go see! Dead lands?? Legend says to cleanse these lands, we must first find a music flower.

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    hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):
    Drag the florist onto the music flower to gather Aria. It can be used to cleanse the land. We got an Aria, let’s hurry to cleanse the lands. Give it a tap to unleash its healing power. Shop - check out the amazing things you can purchase.Purchase dolls that can be merged into workers here.

    cheat, Step #2:
    Merge workers to increase your exploration Value, allowing you to dispel clouds and unlock new lands.
    Gardener: Apprentice - this unit is in charge of weeping the grounds. Beginner - readies the grounds for new saplings.

    Mergical code, Step #3:
    Items: withered tree - gather Aria flower seed. Flower doll - a little doll tinged with the scent of flowers. Apprentice florist - trimming the flowers is this florist’s responsibility. Aria flower seed- a seed shaped like a musical note. Delicate aria flower - this flower sways peacefully in the wind. Tiny Aria - tap to heal the land.

    Step #4:
    Nore: there are many different kinds of companions that each produce their own unique elements. Upgrade your companions by merging them together. The arias will make the land glow.

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    • 1. Hack cheats:

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    • 2. Increasing the musical coin level can earn you even more musical coins.

    • 3. Your companion's exploration values will help you unlock new maps.

    • 4. The higher the level of the gold coins, the more gold coins you can get.

    • 5. Mergical Game settings:
      only 5 merges for workers - when enabled, 3 merges for workers are disabled.
      Only overlap merging - when enabled, merges will not automatically occur when objects are placed adjacent to one another.
      Disable chain reactions - when enabled, there will not be any chain reaction merge.

    • 6. Dolls:
      Garden - this doll is full of life, merging 3 together will give you a skilled gardener. Flower - a little doll tinged with the scent of flower. Merge three of them to form a pure Florist. Pet Doll - loves to play tricks! Merge three to form a mischievous pet. Coffee - this doll eagerly provides service with a wmile. Merge three of them to form a proud.

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