Darkness Rising
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    Darkness Rising redeem codes

    Continent of Lemuria after 1000 years in peace. Chaos is come again, Lord of Darkness has destroyed the seal. The dark force is attacking continent. Legendary heroes rise to fight against them! Commander! Are your ready? Lord of Darkness is attacking Toren! We must stop him! Focus, the enemy has come very close. Full of energy, touch to cast blessing of life. None can stop the evil. Now, we have to stand together! Go prove yourself!

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    I am the fairies guide in your adventure. Touch the “world” icon to get started. Toren is being attacked by monsters, touch here to stop them. Auto mode - when the energy bar is full, the hero will wait for his turn and automatically cast skill. You’ve got a sword. Let’s equip it. Touch to open the list of heroes you have. Touch to open hero’s detail. Now, you can equip item. Congratulation, you seem to be stronger. Let’s continue our adventure.

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    Touch home to go back home screen > world > Toren > battle! You got some books. I’ll show you how to use it. Touch to open list of hero > hero’s detail. Now you can level up your hero by using books. Touch + button, select the material, done > upgrade.

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    Do you want to summon more powerful heroes? Follow me to the summon tree! Have 1 summon ticket now, touch “summon”. You have new hero! Touch to view hero list, edit team. Touch this power hero to add him/her to your team. Each hero has leader skill, ot will be activated when choosing him/her as the leader (crown on his head). Touch on this hero. YOur team is now so trong because of new leader and his/her leader skill. Let’s continue...

    Step #4:
    Blessing book - increase 50000 EXP points for heroes with water element (different elements only 37 500 experience points). Check in everyday during the event and get various rewards. First purchase reward - get big rewards with you first purchase. Make your first time purchase (any package) ,and you’ll get a Elsa - ice queen and additional rewards.

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