Plague of Z
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    Plague of Z redeem codes

    The virus came, we weren’t ready. It swept over the world fast, 99% of the population turned into the “infected”. TO save humanity, remaining survivors create pockets, “safe zones”. Outside safe zones is the dead zone where the infected are and the nightmare spreads.
    High walls help keep the infected out, and survivors create sustainable spaces inside. The infected are drawn to the safe zones like moths to the light though, and attack are frequent and unexpected.

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    Good news. We have collected a lot of emergency supplies today. It’s getting dark. Let’s get back to the safe zone as soon as possible. Watch out! We just lost Tom! Defenses here are failing and infected are overrunning this safe zone. Regroup at the base, it’s not safe out here now. Our perimeter fence won’t take much more. If the situation goes on like this, this whole Safe zone will be lost to the infected. We can’t let that happen.

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    We need to repair the generator and restore power right now. Then switch on the power to the perimeter fence, that’ll slow down those infected.
    We pushed the infected back, but they destroyed our production facility. That won’t be food for us long term. The infected shouldn’t come back any time soon. Let’s use this time to repair the base before the next attack.

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    In order for this safe zone to grow and develop, we need a permanent power supply. We need to build a power plant, that’ll keep our base running.
    Seems like the infected are slowed by the fence, but it doesn’t stop them. We need to recruit more fighters to defend it. Check your quest center often. There’s always great rewards waiting for you.

    Step #4:
    The command center is the foundation of the safe zone’s development. We need to speed up its construction and that’ll help us develop this safe zone. Your headquarter provides an overview of your empire’s advancements. Upgrade your headquarter to unlock new buildings and features, as well as increase your gold levy.

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    • 2. You can take over a subordinate headquarter to boost your gold production and troop training.

    • 3. Spin the wheel of fortune and get lucky.

    • 4. The higher your troop load is, the more resources you can gather from outside your city.

    • 5. Research center: allows researching of technologies in your city. Upgrade technology level to speed up production. Research builder technology, it'll allow to build multiple buildings at the same time, which means safe zone can grow even faster.

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