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    Dream Catcher redeem codes

    Welcome, dream intern! There are currently 3,984,271,045 people sleeping on Earth. You can help some solve their problems by giving them clues in their dreams. Assemble the figure: rotate and visually align the pieces together one by one.
    Level 1: Donna Keith (pie in the sky) - Donna is a lawyer. She is stressed about tomorrow’s hearing and has forgotten to pick up her son’s birthday cake. After: Donna woke up early and realized she had enough time to make a cake before work. She made an apple crumble that her son absolutely loved.

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    Level 2 - Zak Suchlebird (smart game): Zak is a freelance coder. His rent is due tomorrow, but he spent the last of his money on video games and doesn’t know what to do. After: Zak dreamed of a chess knight and remembered he had an emergency stash hidden in an old chess set. Thanks to you, he’ll pay his rent on time.

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    Level 3 - Perito Martinez (friendly monster): Perito is a boy of five. He needs to go to the bathroom, but he cannot wake up. Help him out before he wets his bed. After: Perito saw a giant snake and woke up screaming. His Dad took him to the bathroom just in time. Now Perito will sleep like a baby.

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    Level 4 - Miranda Gnomes (touch love): Miranda isn’t sure about her new boyfriend. What are they doing together? Where is this going? Will he be her knight in shining armour? After: Miranda woke up and realized her new boyfriend was a Capricorn, while she was a Virgo. No worries! They should be very happy together.

    Step #4:
    Level 5: Teresa Wright (spin): after breaking up with her partner, Teresa gets drunk every night before crying herself to sleep. SHe doesn’t know what to live for anymore. After: the ship’s help spun out of control, but Teresa caught it. Waking up, she knew she had to get control of her life and found a support group.

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