Airship Arena
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    Airship Arena redeem codes

    Welcome to the arena! This is your airship. You are in charge of piloting it, and destroying your enemies using it’s weapons. You can fire your different weapons using control panel: shoot machine gun, shoot cannons and etc. Some weapons have a timer, such as the cannon. Such weapons can only be fired once every 3 seconds, but they pack a punch.

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    You can gather chests by destroying enemy ships. These chests unlock blocks that you can use to develop your airship. Map - you can use this to navigate around the arena. Blue arrow - represents you on the map. The red dots resemble enemy ships. You have reached the enemy! Now use either your cannons or your machine guns to destroy the enemy ship. COntinue firing at the enemy, until the blue glowing core blocks has been destroyed.

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    Welcome to the lobby - this is the area where you can build and manage your own airships. In this panel, you can view your different “garages” for your ships! You can view your entire collection of ships by tapping on buttons on the right and the left.

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    Top bar - this shows how much gold you currently have. Gold can be used alongside battling to unlock new blocks to develop your ships. Your stamina will go down every time you battle. You must wait for it to recharge, or you cannot get any rewards from battles. You can buy more gold in the shop, to unlock new rewards.

    Step #4:
    Welcome to the airship garage - here you will construct and upgrade your vehicle. On left panel, you will find the different blocks to use on your ships. Numbers - shows how many of block you have left in your inventory. In the start, you have few blocks, but you will quickly start unlocking more from chests. You will eventually also unlock blocks from further levels.

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    • 2. You can view and use blocks from different levels by tapping buttons on the top.

    • 3. Always open guide, if you feel. You have forgotten something.

    • 4. The clear button removes every block, returning them to your inventory. Core - all blocks must be connected to this. You must protect the core, or your ship will be vulnerable.

    • 5. Make sure to add the blocks that you received as rewards to your battle strategies.

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