Dungeons And Dividends
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    Dungeons And Dividends redeem codes

    Welcome to your new shop. There are a few things you ought to know. A catalog will come each day with discounted items for you to sell. Keep and eye out fer sales they have. You rent is due at the end of the week. 2500 coins - it will increase each week after that.
    The catalogue is the best way to make money early game and it doesn’t take any time. All items in it are sold to you at 90% of their base value and sometimes they will go on sale fore an even better deal. The window closes when you can’t afford any more items. The amount on the left is what you pay, on the right is the base value. Swipe left or select the X to reject the item. Swipe right or select the check to purchase the item.

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    Take a look at the offers of the day? Items will appear one at t atime swipe left to pass or right to buy. All items are at least 10% off and may be more. Thank you for subscribing to our catalog. For joining we have sent you a blue cloak on us. Our items change daily. keep an eye out for sales.

    Placing items: you place items by pressing on one of the square shelves. THe item highlighted in the menu in gold will be placed on the shelf when you select the check. You can select other items by clicking on them. Placing items on the display near the windows can attract new customers.

    cheat, Step #2:
    If an item is on the shelf when you click on it, you will be prompted to remove it. Either swipe left or press the X to cancel or swipe right or select the check to remove.
    Inventory button: depending on where you access the inventory, the options may be different buy always flows the same way. The action being performed is at the top such as “display an item”, if you have items of different categories, arrows will show up and you can swipe left and right to browse through the categories. The currently selected item will have a gold trim and its description, value and how many you have will be displayed in the box at the bottom. Pressing the checkmark will use the item selected for the action at the top. Pressing the X will exit the inventory, cancelling the action.

    Dungeons And Dividends code, Step #3:
    Using actions: actions are how you progress through a day in the game. Any action with a red clock will take some time. You have two phases to do things each day, morning and afternoon. Some options are only available at certain times.
    Opening your inventory - this allows you to browse the items you have on you.
    Checking the catalogue - this can be done once a day and is only available in the morning. It’s a good way to get some deals.
    Visit the market - you can buy items as full price here.

    Step #4:
    Adventuring - lets you hire guards to travel with a caravan. You keep the items found.
    Running the shop - make sure you have some items on the shelf and open the store to let customers buy from you.
    Go to the tavern - here tou can hear rumors and get free stuff. Maybe even find some new customers. Call it a day - at night this will be the only option it’s how you end the day and save the game.

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    • 2. ready to open the shop? Customers will come in to see what you have and you haggle the price. Try to get as much profit as you can without losing the sale.

    • 3. Open button - any number of customers can come in when you open the shop and they will grab goods from your shelves to haggle. Select one of the seven digits and swipe up or down to raise or lower the price. Then select the checkmark to make the offer.

    • 4. keep an eye on the percent of the market value, as everyone has their sweet spot they are willing to spend. If you get close you will get some bonus experience. Indicated with the exclamation point. The heart indicates that a sale was made and the value is how much you received. When you make sales consistently you will start to gain a reputation and this will provide a boost to XP the higher your reputation gets.

    • 5. Try to get the max profit without losing the customer. They will only give you two chances to sell before leaving upset.

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    Tavern button - when you visit the tavern you can have conversations with people in the town. You can hear rumors that will affect the market, get some free stuff and maybe even find some new customers.
    End day button - at the end of the day you will get a report of how you sold. This is when the game will save.

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