Battle of Heroes
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    Battle of Heroes redeem codes

    Welcome, hero. Follow my instructions if you want to stay alive. Drag the left control with left thumb to get move. Drag the right control with right thumb to aim with weapon. Looks like you found a bigger gun, tap the weapon slot. Boss - this guy is immune to regular attacks! Use your ability to deploy a turret. Good job, now come help your team out in battle. Team deathmatch -kill enemies until the timer runs out for your team to win!

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    Unlocking weapons requires time, but you can always skip it with gems. You just unlocked and equipped a new weapon but you know you can make it even stronger. Just tap to upgrade your weapon. When you upgrade your weapon you become stronger. Nice, check out other categories of weapons to see which ones you want to us.

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    Use both types of weapons wisely during battle. Hero pass rewards - unlock them all to get the big prize. You unlock rewards with hero points. Fighting affects progress in hero pass. Claim points for the first completing mission. Mission: collect construction materials from orange boxes in team death match.

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    Shop: battle pass, offers, fortune box, currency. Military badge box - get military tokens, upgrade your characters and unlock. Epic blueprints box - here you can get large amount of random.
    Unlock and upgrade new skills by upgrading your hero. By upgrading your hero you also make them stronger. Collect more hero pieces from battles or opening chests to upgrade your hero even further.

    Step #4:
    Tap to unlock a new hero. Killer Girl - you don’t mess with killer girl. An agile and cunning hero she will quickly learn all of your weak points and exploit them from a distance before you know what hit ya. It’s no surprise she joined the arena.

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    • 2. Description: heroes with unique skills. 5v5 team battles. Be the last one standing! Find powerfull weapons. Earn your fame in battle.

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