Zombie Puzzles Quest
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    Zombie Puzzles Quest redeem codes

    We ventured the zombie infested city to look for survivors and bring them back to our sanctuary. A massive horde of zombies encroaches upon us. Their growls are getting closer and closer. By a hair’s breadth, we managed to escape and flew back to the sanctuary.
    The horde attacks from all corners. We have no choice but to keep fighting. Once we fall, everyone in the sanctuary will be...

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    Match 4 tiles to create a grenade, 5 tile - a stun grenade. Battle style advantage can greatly affect your damage dealt. When using calm style to attack brave style foes, you can only deal half the damage. You can consult the top left button to learn more.

    cheat, Step #2:
    We need more manpower. I am going to send out a broadcast on the radio. Hopefully, more survivors can hear it and join us - use advanced recruit.
    When a hero reaches the maximum level, the evolution function will be available. In order to maintain the development of the sanctuary, we must restore the production of our resources.

    Zombie Puzzles Quest code, Step #3:
    Buildings: farm, lumber, steel plant, gas field - where food, wood,stell, gas is produced. Upgrade to increase capacity. Bootcamp - a facility to improve training speed and capacity. Infirmary - where your wounded units are healed. Virology lab - where Antiserum is produced.

    Step #4:
    We can use speedup items to finish the construction instantly. Join an alliance to get 300 diamonds. Reduce waiting time with alliance speedup help. Make good use of alliance features for rewards. Building engineering - cutting edge technology needed to upgrade hall of war.

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    • 2. Directed relocate - relocates your sanctuary to a specific location within the current state.

    • 3. Starter relocate - relocates your sanctuary to any state. Note: will be removed on the 7th day or when your headquarters reaches level 6.

    • 4. Comabt manual - consumed in level 10 hero evolution. Obtained via compaign CH1 to CH24.

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