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    Card Legends redeem codes

    Put your card on the left side to attack the left enemy tower. Your goal is to destroy the enemy’s hero or to hold a tower advantage after the 10th round. Left side - the current round is displayed here. Every creature has a health value. Left side - a creature’s attack value is shown here. Your creatures attack the closest enemy immediately after playing them. Use your card to attack the right enemy tower.

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    Creature cards also take retaliatory attack damage from enemies. Each card has its mana cost. You need mana to sue cards. Your current mana is displayed bottom. Your creatures that were played the last turn and that are still alive will attack at the end of the current turn. Let’s pass and save 1 mana for the next turn.

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    You can read each card’s description by tapping and holding a card in your hand. Let’s learn how to use spell cards. Drag your bomb swarm onto the battlefield to destroy enemy creatures. N/11 - this nu,ber displays how much mana you’ll have next turn. Each spell has its predefined target and ability. Tap and hold on the card to read its description.

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    Let’s heal our damaged tower with a kineticist creatures. Use Spore trunk to prepare for some big damage later. Play your Owlcat to gain bonus damage from aura. Now, when you have learned the basics, destroy the enemy hero or win by tower advantage.

    Step #4:
    Let’s go to the shop to get some new cards. You can buy card chests here. Basic card pack - contains 3 random cards with a guaranteed 1 uncommon card. You can also craft new cards from shards.

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