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    Werewolves Untamed redeem codes

    The past has already come to be. All we can do is change the future. So, let’s get started with your first combat training. Strategists are capable of signing contracts with characters thereby gaining their cards. Using these cards in battle sets the character free, after which they can be commanded to combat. All characters are divided into three categories by identities: werewolves, special villagers and original vollagers. Each identity has one mark.

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    Strategists can attain victories by protecting their werewolves while destroying all of the opponent’s werewolves. First, destroying all of the enemy’s werewolves grants you the victory. When the battle begins, all characters stat as hidden. If conditions are met, characters can use their abilities. Strategist may order, hidden characters to self expose then use abilities.

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    The greatest strategists are familiar with all of their characters’ abilities, and can use them to their fullest extent. Tap a character to learn about its ability. Prophetess can detect the identity of an enemy, exposing it if it is a werewolf. friendly and enemy characters are displayed differently when they are hidden or exposed.

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    The crystals represent a strategists AP. You may end your play phase if you have no more AP or if no character can act, whereupon it becomes the opponent’s turn. Use self expose - detect ana enemy character, if it’s a werewolf, explose it.

    Step #4:
    Apart from having special abilities, all characters can attack enemy units. A card’s number refers to its power. When a card’s power drops to 0, it dies and is placed into the graveyard. Your exposed characters may attack exposed enemy characters, doing so will deduct power from both character.
    I will add this information in the manual, which you will read upon becoming a real strategist.

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    • 2. Moon cards only take effect during the night: you can choose whether to activate one or not.

    • 3. Exposed characters can attack opponent’s exposed characters. After attacking both characters lose power.

    • 4. Units that have turned gray are fatigued and cannot act.

    • 5. Apart from attacking, all characters are able to use check. We should expose a character and have it check a hidden enemy. After checking, the two characters will complete in power. If our character has more power, the enemy will be exposed.

    • 6. Units need rest during the night so the strategist cannot command them. But the strategist may use wolf blade during the night to immediately destroy 1 enemy character.

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    Once cards have been drawn, ech side must have at least one werewolf on the field. For every day that passes, AP cap will increase by 1 to a maximum of 3. You cannot use wolf blade during the day but they can use their clan abilities.
    If you wish to become a real strategist, you must be acknowledged by the strategy union. Luckily the annual strategist examination is soon starting. You can register here; simply fill in your information.
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