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    Grounded redeem codes

    Teen selector: Max, Willow, Pete, Hoops. Mode Variables: Medium - moderate stress level. Manage thirst, hunger, health, and stamina while you fight to survive.
    Investigate surroundings - look around you to see what you can find. You can eat consumable items via the inventory menu. Tool type icons indicate whether an object can be harvested by chopping, busting, or digging.
    Strange signal: track the signal to its source. Interact with the computer.
    Grounded for repairs: unblock the obstructed laser. Find whatever is weakening one of the lasers.

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    hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):
    Tools: Pebblet spear - a basic stabby weapon to keep creatures at bay. Can also be thrown for a deadly amount of damage. Pebblet axe - a basic chopping tool strong enough to hack into plant material. Torch - provides light in dark places. Held in the weak hand.

    cheat, Step #2:
    Materials: woven fiber - a textile made of strips of plant fiber. Highly useful in recipes and blueprints. All of your prior items can be found in your dropped backpack where you died. You just picked up a glider! Open your inventory to equip it, then push the glide button while in the air.

    Grounded code, Step #3:
    Workbench gear: Mite hat - a fuzzy, stylish hat that increases stamina efficiency. Ant helmet - a fearsome kabuto crafted from a mix of ant parts. Increases hauling capacity. Ant arm guards - a spaulder and gauntlet combo crafted from tough ant parts. Increases hauling capacity. Ant knee guards - sturdy knee guards formed out of ant parts.

    Step #4:
    Snacks: canteen - a pouch made from grub hide that can be used to carry two scoops of liquid to transfer to storage or slurp. Fiber bandage - patches up scrapes and scratches. Recovers health over time.

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    • 1. Hack cheats:


      OUTSIDE of the MAP Shed Area - #B8jg30dYj

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      Crafting The MOST POWERFUL Weapon - #JJ80CZTu9

      version 3.4.9 - #gfC7u426G

    • 2. Craft a trail marker to mark a location on your HUD and map.

    • 3. You can block attacks while you have a weapon equipped. Time it right to perform a perfect block!

    • 4. Craft and equip a torch when venturing into dark areas.

    • 5. You've been injured. Craft bandages to restore health.

    • 6. Certain resources require higher tier tools to harves. Explore the world and craft new things to discover these higher tiers. Your inventory is full? Try crafting a storage building to hold some of your items.

    • 7. Weapons and tools can break or wear out if used too much. Craft a new one or find a way to repair.

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    Base building:
    wall - a solid wall that can keep insects outside. Like all buildings, it can be damaged by attacks.
    Meal prep:
    Roasting spit - a ring of stones and a spit for roasting. Light a flame to illuminate surroundings in the darkness.
    Grounded Utilities:
    Lean-to - sleep to bypass the extra dangerous nighttime or set a respawn point to return to in the event of death. Storage basket - a basket that holds up to 20 stacks of items. It’s not very secure. Workbench - allows the crafting of armors and weapon with advanced materials. Interact with it to open your crafting menu! Trail marker - transmits a trackable visual signal so you can find your way back to a location.

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