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    EVE Echoes redeem codes

    Race: Amarr, Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar.
    There are countless systems in new Eden. It’s a place of both order and disorder. You can do anything you like: combat, mining, manufacturing, trading, or transportation. You may also encounter anything: deception, extortion, theft, robbery, ship destruction. Capsuleer, it is important to observe your surroundings. This is the only way that you can discover hidden danger and opportunities before it’s too late.

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    Having a greater field of view can help you learn more about your surrounding environment. If you observe it closely, you can get a better view of your own ship’s status. Adjusting your camera based on your environment can greatly increase your chances of survival.

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    Staying on outer space would be very dangerous right now. Advice: dock to a station to ensure your safety. Open the overview by tapping the overview button on the right side while in outer space. You can use the overview to quickly view and locate various celestial objects within the system. Combat, traveling, mining - any actions taken outside of a station require the use of your overview.

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    As a pilot, your tech level is crucial. The higher your tech level is, the more types of skills you can train and the more advanced ships you can fly. Pilots are advised to raise their tech level as soon as they meet the requirements.
    Tap the character icon in the top left corner of the main interface. Tap skills in the pop-up menu. Skill points are your experience gained from skill training, quantified. When you reach the skill point requirement, you can upgrade your tech level.

    Step #4:
    When your skill points are sufficient, tap level up to raise your tech level. New skills are available for training. It’s advised that pilots begin their skill training as soon as possible to improve their abilities and gain skill points faster. Tap a skill on the skills page to learn it. The skill training will continue even after you have disconnected from your clone. Data shows that most pilots prefer maxing out their skill training queue. It’s recommended that you do the same.

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    • 2. Gallente ships are generally defense focused, prioritizing armor, but they don't lack mobility. Gallente ships have a unique characteristic that makes them hard to forget even after just one single glance.

    • 3. Piloting more advanced ships can increase your chances of survival. After analyzing the combat data of all pilots, concord has concluded that Atron is the best ship for beginners. Concord has also provided a suitable basic configuration for this ship.

    • 4. Tap the weapon icon in the lower right corner to attack. You can only attack locked targets. Please keep attacking until the target is destroyed. Turret will keep firing after activation - you don't need to activate it again.

    • 5. Fitting the correct weapon can greatly enhance a ship’s power. Please remember that you can only change your ship's fittings in a station.

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