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    Friends & Dragons redeem codes

    Hello adventurer! Welcome to new game of dungeons, loot and puzzle battles. let me show you how to play. Drag your brave knight around the board to make your move. Drag your knight next to the orc to attack it. Your hero can attack in four directions. Hit the enemy again by moving into another empty spot. Into the fray! Take all three goblins with a fierce charge!

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    Look, it’s a powerful mage looking for a party. Well, adventurers have all the best parties. Let’s see what he can do. mages can do ranged attacks. Use magic damage on the opponent for a distance. A clever mage can knock out all enemies with one smart move.

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    Congrats, you won with full three crowns, completing a quest. Completing quests is the best way to get player experience and level up! You got some rainbow experience from that quest. This is the best kind, it can upgrade any hero regardless of color. Level up Dorian to improve his attack and defense.

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    Heroes can never exceed your player level, so keep on completing quests to improve them further. Let’s test your skills in practice against some weak enemies. You can only drag one hero every turn. Moving smartly allows you to attack lots of enemies every turn.

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    Now you can start rebuilding your town. Orces pillaged this village, but we can restore with all this gold. Start by rebuilding the castle. Upgrade the castle to unlock buildings and increase team size. Construct the alchemist starts rainbow experience production. Build guild hall to join a guild and play together with other players.

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    • 2. Goblins are weaker than orcs, they are only dangerous in big groups.

    • 3. Archers shoot at you from a distance. Better take the battle to them.

    • 4. Mages are wielders of the arcane powers and cast destructive ranged spells. mages start with focus.

    • 5. Drag the mage through the knight to flip their places. You can move your units around by repeatedly flipping places with them. You can only drag one hero every turn. But clever flipping allows you to move all heroes every turn.

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