2112TD Tower Defense Survival
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    2112TD Tower Defense Survival redeem codes

    Welcome commander. Congratulations on your recent promotion. It looks like this is your first time in the battle control menu so let’s get you up to speed. in order to maximise your efficiency during combat missions you will need to utilise all available intelligence and resources found here. First let’s take a look at the research window.

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    Our scientists are always researching new technologies that will improve combat effectiveness. The research menu can be used to unlock upgrades and weapons based on what you consider to be the highest priority. Researching new technologies will cost tech points. These will be awarded as your experience level increases after participating in available missions.

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    Some technologies will require that you reach a certain experience level before you can unlock them. You currently have 5 tech points available. Let’s ust them to unlock the airstrike. Airstrike - is great for eliminating large groups of enemies. It can be deployed on the battle field via the special abilities menu.

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    Excellent, you can now deploy an airstrike during missions. There are many more upgrades and unlocks available so make sure to come back when you earn more tech points. Now open up the tactical database - is essential if you want to become proficient on the battlefield. It provides detailed information about your weaponry and foes.

    Step #4:
    Each time you unlock a new weapon or encounter a new type of enemy it will be unlocked in the tactical database. Now let’s take a look at the mission select screen. Your available missions are listed to the right. Select the Pluto Observatory outpost and open up the briefing window. Detailed information about the map and mission can be found here.

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    • 2. Each mission has three difficulty options to choose from. Notice that survival difficulty is currently unavailable. To unlock it you must first complete either normal or hard.

    • 3. Battle: from the top left you can view the health of your command centre, how many credits are available and the remaining enemy waves left to destroy.

    • 4. The command centre must be protected at all costs. Losing this structure will result in failure of the mission. The command centre can be upgraded with weapons and increased armour via the research menu.

    • 5. Select the highlighted tower platforms and build machine gun turrets.

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