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    Wartune Mobile redeem codes

    Magician - a magic class with long range magic damage. Only those with strong elemental awareness can step into the temple of magic. The honor of the legendary mage is waiting for the next prodigy.
    Expert archer - accurate positioning, fatal blow! As a long -range high attack class, the master archer has a superb sense of alertness and superior reaction ability, the grim reaper harvesting life on the battlefield.
    Big swordsman - close range kill is a superior physical attack class. Whether attacking or defending warriors with giant swords are at ease. They believe that one day, all demons will fall under their swords.

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    Use more powerful fury skills for 2 fury points. Click before the aperture shrinks into a ring to complete the QTE action. General attack will be unleashed automatically if left idle for too long, click any skill icon to continue the battle.

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    The monster dropped a weapon. Equip yourself with the weapon to increase attack. Unwanted items can be sold through the trading post or directly sold through backpacks.
    You need to sign a contract with Eijionhers and obtain a specific medium before you can use their power in a fight. Don’t rush to upgrade your level. After winning the battle of the nether realm, there is a change to trigger the sylph Contract and get a powerful sylph.

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    Use skills: Shattered armor - deals physical and fire elemental damage, adds armor break for 4 rounds, and restores rage. Mace - run to the target and use a hammer to attack the enemy. Sweep the battlefield - sweep with a sturdy mace, causing physical and fire elemental damage. Upgrading your abilities in a safe environment is the wise choice.

    Step #4:
    Barracks - building for upgrading and recruiting soldiers. The number of soldiers will be consumed in battle. Remember to recruit and replenish in blood packs, barracks, or formations.
    When occupied city Outskirt mines are occupied by other Lords, mine systems of the same type will automatically be compensated.
    Soldiers: Pikemen - one of the oldest fighting forces on the continent is also the most resilient one.
    Archer - it takes hard and professional training, as well as a certain talent, to become an archer.

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    • 2. The secret of QTE's success is to quickly complete clicking before the circle shrinks into the ring.

    • 3. Town hall is the core building of the territory and directly affects the opening and upgrade of other buildings.

    • 4. The amount of remaining blood is shown in the upper left corner. Use blood packs to refill when blood level is low.

    • 5. During adventure journey exploration, read the contents of the stone tablets carefully to get clues and hints.

    • 6. When the city outskirts are rebuilt, you will automatically get 4 gold mines.

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