Hatsune Miku
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    Hatsune Miku redeem codes

    Tanks for coming to my concert. Show your support by tapping. Tapping will build up voltage. Max out voltage to clear a concert! We also got some cheer power. Tap to grab it. Max out the voltage gauge and clear 2 concerts. Use cheer power to level up! Open the below menu. Voltage will increase more quickly now. Let’s make our concert even better by inviting some some fiends to join. Open the below menu. Your “VPS” will increase when you level up. “VPS” stands for “Voltage per second”!

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    We’re almost at the super concert, the last part of a stage. Let’s give them an awesome finale. Clearing a super concert will allow you to progress to the next stage. Super concerts have a time limit! Tap your fastest to max out the voltage bar before time is up.

    cheat, Step #2:
    Make the crowds go wild! Miku and friends are performing around the world. Tap to help out Miku’s concert! Collect pets and costumes to increase your VPS more. After reaching a new highest stage, a costume will drop every 10 stages. You may also get a costume around your highest stage.

    Hatsune Miku code, Step #3:
    Pets - if you have a pet, they will increase voltage, make your taps more effective, and more! Even if a pet isn’t selected, it will have an effect. You’ll get pets as time passes! Be sure to check out the pets you have! Getting the same pet again increases its level.

    Step #4:
    Use re stage to reset your stage count and level progress in exchange for Memory. Memory can be exchanged for expansions. Expansions will make it easier to get through stages, os use re stage to get even faster. Stage number, cheer power, figurines and active skills will be rest, but you’ll get valuable memory! Pets, skill trees, costumes, and expansions will not be reset.

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    • 2. When you use re stage, you can exchange the memory you get to install expansions. You can perform re stage from the "voice adjustment" screen! Just installing expansions will grat all sorts of great effects. Increase your level further and reach even higher stages.

    • 3. Use skill points to learn skills. Every 50 stages after reaching a new highest stage will earn you a skill point that will be granted when you perform re stage. You can reset your skills once per re stage.

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