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    Sports City Tycoon redeem codes

    Here you are, just in time to start managing your first sports city! The first stadium is being built right now, let me show you! Awesome, now that you’ve got a stadium built, we’re ready to open the city for the fans to watch the matches. Fans come from the road and get to an entrance line to buy a ticket. Only then they can enter the city.

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    Now that the fans have arrived, they can go to a stadium and watch a match. The fan buys a ticket and enters the queue. When it’s his turn, he’ll enter the stadium to watch the match. Remember that, of your stadium is full, fans will wait in line. You should invest the money you get on the current stadiums to improve your profits.

    cheat, Step #2:
    This way, you’ll be able to build different stadiums and make the city more appealing to the fans. Let’s improve the first stadium to increase its earnings. Remember to increase the queue capacity and amount of seatings for more fans to enjoy the matches.

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    You’ll also need to manage the entrance, to make sure all of the fans can enter your city. Start by upgrading the entrance efficiency, so that the fans need to wait less in line. As you improve the stadiums, more fans become interested in coming to the city and watching the matches. When the time comes, you’ll have to increase the number of queues to supply the fans demand.

    Step #4:
    You are ready to manage your city! By enabling notifications you will be notified whenever there’s a new stadium ready to be built.
    Quests - this is where you can see the quests to complete while improving your city. Check out all of the quests available! Complete them to earn awesome rewards, not to mention it works as a to do list.

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    • 2. There are not enough queues for the fans to enter the city! You should buy a new queue to improve the entrance.

    • 3. The list of upcoming Sports events - which you can host to boost your city. Each new event has its own time to start, so be ready to host it when the time comes.

    • 4. Whenever you feel like increasing your earnings, you can start an ad campaign. The first hour is on me, but you can keep activating it to increase the total time.

    • 5. Epic upgrades - that are stronger than the common and take effect on your whole city!

    • 6. Mystery card - these cards can only be played on a family home. Sometimes mystery cards will have negative or positive points. Because untimely death's can't be played on homes, these points are immediately applied to that family's score.

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