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    Bounceville Stories redeem codes

    Your uncle, Count Dracula, has mysteriously disappeared. Now the mansion is yours. Let’s hurry to the mansion. Franky can’t wait to show your everything.
    Swipe and hold above the line to aim and release to shoot. Keep collecting Mischiefs to complete the level. Winning earned you a magic moon stone. Whenever a new task is available, it will be shown bottom left corner. Tap the notification to check it out.

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    Eve’s magic book - here you can view and complete current tasks. Play levels and earn moon stones to complete tasks. Tricksters used to be your uncle’s minions. When the count went missions, the mischiefs got out of control. They’re the reason we can’t get to your castle. You’re stronger than you think, countless! The mischiefs are afraid of your magic.

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    Tap on the play button to play the next level and earn more moon stones. Let’s try to collect two objects within one move. Did you hear about ricochets? Try it few more times. It will help you to save moves. Launch the lightning over the top row to collect more elements. More elements you collect - more coins you get.

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    We need to find your family book. It should be somewhere in the mansion. Aim at an acute angle to let the lightning hit as many elements as possible. Collect 5 or more elements within the move and get powerful combo bonuses.

    Step #4:
    Mischiefs are drawn to jewelry and magic trinkets. They must the key to the castle. Rocket bonus lets you start the level with a rocket placed randomly on the field. Pick it to try! All bonuses will be randomly placed on the field. Hit it with the lightning to activated.

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    • 2. The leaping mischief jumps to a new place after every move.

    • 3. Bomb bonus lets you start the level with a bomb placed randomly on the field.

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