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    Galaxies: the path home - to get home, make your way from galaxy to galaxy. Within each galaxy, jump from planetary group to group, finding a way to enter the portal within each. navigate planetary groups one at a time, moving to the next as you reach portals.
    Your ship - it’s all you have. You don’t have a lot of fuel left, so you’ll need to use one controlled burst to reach each portal.

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    To launch, drag back from your ship and either release or press the launch button. Your ship will launch in the opposite direction of drag. With luck, you’ll sail into the portal and be one step closer to home. But there planets are in the way.

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    Planets and moons have gravity, which can be both a positive or a negative influence on your ship as it moves to the portal. Strategize how to best leverage these fields for your own gain! But be careful: the intensity of the gravitational fields aren’t necessarily linked to the size of the planet.

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    Use the environment to your advantage! Warps instantly teleport you to their exit within the level. Momentum is preserved, so choose your entry angle carefully. Repellers puch your ship away. Experiment with them to get the desired result. Be careful, though: some phenomena may render them inactive. Gravity wells have intense gravity fields that are nearly impossible to escape - be careful!

    Step #4:
    That’s not all...The universe is a diverse place, and there’s no doubt you’ll encounter lesser known phenomena. Stay the course and explore to make it back home. Use the gravity of the planet to pull you into the portal. Looks like you can squeeze through the middle or go around them all. It’s your choice.

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