Supremacy 1 The Great War
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    Supremacy 1 The Great War redeem codes

    Europe os at the brink! Coalitions are formed and nations divided. The race to industrialize the economics of war will write the outcome of this great war. You are taking command over austro Hungaria, your territory is flashing. Your mission is to unite Europe under your flag.
    Each country consists of multiple provinces which provide economical and military strength. Expand your territory by conquering provinces from other players.

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    Tap on your army to select it. Open command list, select the attack command. Now select the target army. Your troops have arrived. The fight has started. After a fight provinces tend to have low morale. Morale directly affects your provinces’ resource production and production speed.
    Select your province Lemberg, boost morale by tappin on gold.

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    Now it is time to conquer more provinces. You will need a stronger army. Producing armies requires you to research units and build production facilities first. Cavalry is a very fast offensive unit. Research it to unlock it for production in your provinces. Researching will take some time. In the meantime you can build the required production facility.

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    Soft targets like the cavalry are produced in the barracks. Speed construction up to get started with unit production immediately. Start producing cavalry now to overrun the enemy defenses. To win a game, conquer provinces to gain more victory points than the other players before the time runs out. Now get out there and conquer the rest of Europe.

    Step #4:
    Research armored car: select research on the bottom side of the screen. Select the icon “light armor” or scroll down. Select “armored car”, press the start button. You require research and building to produce units.

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    • 2. Establish diplomatic relations: open the diplomacy screen by selecting the "diplomacy" icon on the left side of the screen. Left click on the mail icon of an active player. Enter a friendly message and press the send button.

    • 3. Move multiple armies at once: tap and hold anywhere on the map, then draw a circle around unit to select them and move them at the same time.

    • 4.Research higher unit level: units increase their strength significantly with each level. Also the cost to combat efficiency is better for high level units. You have to upgrade your factory to produce this unit.

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