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    Magnum Quest redeem codes

    At dawn, the adventurers who left the summit meeting reunited on the big ship, determined to find the answer to the dragon pattern together. Congratulations on taking your first steps on new game. Now, go and become the greatest adventurer in the Armuda continent. May the luck be with you.

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    hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):
    Touch level up button to make the hero more powerful. Gear - touch here to let your soldier be equipped. Enhancing equipments makes your units more powerful. Try switching the position of heroes when you are defeated in the battle.

    cheat, Step #2:
    Heroes have saved a lot of fortune for your journey. Collect them to get 120 minutes worth of gold and experience. Some skills only have effect when they hit the enemies. Campfire - hire a hero to join your team. If you are lucky, you may upgrade them into more powerful heroes and hire more.
    Altar of resurrection - you step on the altar and a mysterious power randomly resurrects a dead hero and restores to 100% HP. If there is no dead hero in your team, a random buff will be granted to you. Legends said that if you have the chance to pray fir your dead heroes and an answer may come to you. Then you may choose another 1-3 dead heroes to resurrect and be granted full health.

    Magnum Quest code, Step #3:
    Equipment: Deathground spaulders - the first time your hero’s HP is lower than 30%, restores the hero by 15% max HP. Sinful Goblet - the lower enemy’s HP, the lower damage your units receive, capped at 20%. Guardian medal - decreases damage received by 20% for rear row heroes before all your front row heroes being killed. Discipline jewel - increases faction counter damage by 40% of your heroes. Fortress territory - every fortress hero in your team increases energy restore from injury by 20% for al your heroes.

    Step #4:
    Don’t skip the information in radi! They are very helpful! Giving up the rewards on hand may win you better results when making choices in raid. Holy goblet - drinking water from the holy goblet will restore 50% HP (and 50% energy in raid) for all the surviving heroes.

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    • 2. Auto button could be switched on to automatically cast skills in the battle.

    • 3. Quest accounts may be lost and could not be traced back after game reinstallation or maintenance.

    • 4. Extra buff will be activated by choosing certain numbers of heroes from the same faction to battle.

    • 5. Arena tokens is the admission ticket to the arena. YOu can obtain arena tokens in the daily and weekly activity treasure chest.

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