Fight of Animals
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    Fight of Animals redeem codes

    Animals are adorable, we love them. It is shameful to let animals fighting each other in the real world in anyway. We do not encourage any actions that harms or abuses any creatures on the planet. This game was simply for entertaining purposes, there are no animals injured or killed in the game.

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    hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):
    Defense: holding back can block attack. Can’t block in the air. Stand block can’t block low attack, crouch block can’t block jump attack.
    Fast recovery: can be performed when fall by pressing attack button. Can move position by pressing direction when fast recovery. Fast recovery without any direction will be the fastest.

    cheat, Step #2:
    Perform dash forward/ backward by pressing the button aside by direction control. Dash can shorten the distance quickly, also can use in combo.
    Skills: player can use different skills by pressing three skill buttons. Some character’s skill has extra move when pressing the same skill button again.

    Fight of Animals code, Step #3:
    Dash cancel: when hit confirmed with skills, it can cancel the skill recovery time with dash forward. Dash cancel can perform incredible combo.
    Gauge gain/usage: gauge will gain when hit, be hit, cast skill/ Super skill can be performed when gauge is full. It also allows cast burst when be hit, blocking, juggle with full gauge.

    Step #4:
    arcade: unlock characters by clearing the arcade mode. Poking changes are different in each difficulty.
    challenge: beat the seal as fast as you can. Gain gauge by blocking attack from seal.
    training: practice the control and combo.
    shop: unlock character directly. Bad dog and tricky fos are purchasing only.

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