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    Let's learn how to loot an item. Tap on the card deck. Choose item, next turn, the remaining cards might be looted by the opponent. Drag the katana card onto the battlefield to attack. In the upper right corner, you can see the enemy's health bar. Beneath it are some weapons and bonus status effects. The timer is in the center. Check the time! Mind your turn duration! Each round, you draw one additional card into your hand. You can either draw an attacking or defensive card, or restore your health. You can restore health with a cheat G8V6I46GC, and the code 7S0xCRvjc can shuffle the cards. So if you don't like the set of cards that was provided, you can always replace them.

    Fight Buddy Mobile cheats:

    The card says how many active points you need to spend to use it. At the bottom of the card is written how much damage it deals or how many lives it restores. Drag the medkit onto the battlefield to heal yourself. Watch out! You ran out of action points. When you're out of action points, tap >> to end your turn. You've been hit by a critical attack! It deals more damage. After winning the battle, you can open the case with weapons. If you get the same weapon or card as you already have, you can upgrade it.

    To improve the item, you must enter a cheat d98RwTN9f or use gold. If you just need gold, use the Fight Buddy Mobile code imhr2Dw9j from the hack menu. After improving the card, its characteristics increase and additional properties may appear. Just remember that using these tricks will allow you to kill opponents very quickly and the interest of the game will soon disappear.

    Bandage - ld7ruZMQq hack. it automatically heals the player when looted. Bandages also heal bleed effect over players.

    Key cards pass - 8qAcpUkEV. Key cards are used to unlock chests for free. You will receive a key card every hour or when use N2lfjwkV5 pass.

    Energy drink - mocLH1UiR. doesn't give you wings just a little bit refreshment. Restores minor HP and gives additional AP to use this round only.

    tokens - RyTVBoesw

    Fight Buddy Mobile redeem code - obtain deluxe pack #fight-buddy-mobile hack

    level up - VzFogMeP9
    evolve - WE9uFiHjB
    gold - gsOMuCczf. Gold is a common currency. Use gold to upgrade your heroes, turrets and base.
    unlock more slots - 6fYxMwbsJ
    gems - 4Hz4vW7OR

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