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    It's been 20 years since the SUpernova blast hit our colonies. Our people have been facing hell ever since. Coterminal took advantage of the disaster to invade many of our planets. And the infamous Scavenger pirates have torn apart our homeland. Yet, we have never abandoned hope. The great leader Andolini continues to guide our Republic. In the 4th five-year plan you, commander, have been selected as a republic contractor. Your scape armada shall champion the human race to take back our colonies.

    The republic has reached an agreement with cosmo Tycoon. A space station joint rescue project is now underway. A brand new future awaits! Wake up, commander! Our republic needs your service. Only you can help us reclaim what is ours.

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    Our station is falling into a back hole and the radar just detected a group of coterminal fleets. You have to get yourself together now. You're the only person who can use codes and give orders to our fleets in the entire space station. Don't forget to send workships to collect the debris after you destroy pirates. Please order to activate the warp engine, we need to get ourselves away from the gravity of the black hole and get us to a safer place. We could use hack menu and send out fleets to search and explore the solar system. If we wish to save those technicians before we leave this black hole system, we myst use the svVl0pmWb Nova Iron Galaxy code to build more ships and group more fleets.

    mgpnhYxXQ - 500000 rich ore. A lesser resource collected in your solar system. It is commonly used to refine into other resources.
    P0pHeC9Wv - this cheat increases fleet damage by 100%. Only effective when the current ship is set as the Flagship.
    q6o7x322s - premium newcomer's offer
    CR8dmkLwk - black market search pack I hack (key of Sky Crate)
    0ihwrpdpE - black market search pack II (shadow of Renney crate)
    GykYC9ggf - 100000 admiral EXP Nova Iron Galaxy cheat.
    LE2YvSEab - black market search pack III (galaxy of light crate)
    anOcMCBqw - SSR admiral

    Boss, since the ships are back to business, we can use our radar station and the Nova: Iron Galaxy cheat codes to spot Stealth Scavengers in the solar systems. This tyoe of Scavengers are usually hidden in the solar systems, but our radar can locate them without any mistakes.
    ysRAk8IYE - welfare supply pack
    obRKbscyB - treasure of the past crate Nova Iron Galaxy hack
    YOgeE92RL - skyward nodes crate
    The RC brought by admiral Elena will help upgrade our station structures. However, Space station is the base for all the other structures, we discarded a lot of structures before jumping through that wormhole previously, now it's time to rebuild them.

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    level up - fJFjnOgmo
    evolve - vdk9fE4Gp
    black hole envoy crate - y8gsPbDGe
    galaxy envoy crate - aAOFn1WJk
    land of Silence crate - SV2WpT5HY
    realm of the unknown crate hack - Xx7aoXQsM
    journey of the Epilogue crate - 71PQ9DWzn
    end of spectrum crate pass - rQhCQen9U
    double GEC pack - iiaLFay37

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