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    I turn on my turn! Give you win! Please select an attack target. Good, no separation! But there is still a workout remaining. Please select a skill 3. I will arrange it in my room. Ayanne has skills specialized in recovery, so press the skill to restore your colleagues. You are already in a trap. What is more resistant to here is that it is meaningless. Boss appeared. Boss seems to have several powerful skills different from other enemies. Here's the physical strength and skill of the boss. If you hold down the icon you'll be able to check skill information.

    Anima of Quantmix cheats:

    This time i will give you some advanced tips about combat. Can you see the marks on the heads of the enemies. This mark displays the speed of the enemies. Priorities defeating faster enemies. Higher speed stat is assigned a faster number. By getting rid of the faster enemies first and cheat codes you can increase your advantage in battle. Next to the health gauge there is an attribute mark. Effective combat using attributes: earth, water, wind. All characters have one attribute.

    The mark left of the attribute mark displays the attribute type. When possessing attribute advantage or disadvantage, a special effect occurs. Attacking enemies who you have attribute advantage over is more likely to result in. But attacking enemies with attribute advantage can sometimes reduce the attack damage. When possessing attribute advantage or disadvantage, a special effect occurs. Use the 4 types of drinks Anima of Quantmix codes to upgrade anima stats:
    attack up - 12safcE1A
    defense up - OsfEx8EkN
    increase HP cheat - GrkKlQQMi
    increase all stats hack - ZDiStX2GA
    enhance - dbnIsV1Eb

    Each anima has their own speed, and depending on this speed the gauge increase. The faster the speed the faster you get to take action. If you press the auto cheat code button your friends will continue the battle autonomously. And if you press x1 button time is accelerated and everybody moves faster. We are still too weak to go on an expedition! Shall we recruit more friends. By summoning we can gather more friends to fight with us.

    premium summon Anima of Quantmix cheat - vLbdiKUZS
    event summon code - 11QT47MEb
    The unit organization screen - you can assign your friends in this screen. Animas assigned to the frontline are more likely to be attacked than the units in the back line.
    Increase attributes:
    Attack - dBqnh0y7b
    HP - r1nINeh63
    Defense - 5fJlbVYlw
    Speed - x7cQ2Nr6f
    Critical chance - 7R6vP7kaM
    Critical damage - BlNjgiT8q
    effect hit rate - XOfcqMqxK
    resist effect - qpKLrN6Z4

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    provision - CumvC09KL.Use provisions to earn points and exchange items.
    enhancement stone - 2h47uMuYE
    diamond - Z3tJ6V7aG
    AP - XD4UKGCVz

    The hack reward can be claimed 1 time for a period of 3 hours from the designated time.

    book of knowledge drop rate doubled - ZEZ87fm80
    event ticket - DwLnRLpi7
    gold - 8F1gpxxHK
    level up - TPk9DWhZk cheat
    Anima of Quantmix artifact code - bRekA4FuH
    Hack legendary equipment - D7M8Nzgyd
    legendary weapon - 5m6JDJwhe
    monthly pass - 9WhDdQnXC
    remove ads - IiZr2RKWS

    Special package:
    summoning package - DGGj2TWS3
    welcome package - 5geMKzewX
    game launch commemoration starter package - 6LOobyWIF
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