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    Vampire masters have long since strived to escape from the light's curse. But soon they realized that only Lilith's soul could grant their freedom. Legend has it that Lilith's soul was fragmented into pieces of blood scripture. in order to find the blood scripture, one must discover the sanctuary sealed by Adam. For hundreds and thousands of years, masters have searched for Adam's Sanctuary, and at long last, they found out that it was somewhere in the land of Eslania. The masters dispelled the seal of Adam's Sanctuary, resulting in a barrier created by the collision of catastrophical powers of Adam and Lilith.
    Inside Chaos Templum, as they called the barrier Dark Eden M on WEMIX, allowed Vampires to traverse in the daylight. However, the weak Vampires and a great, many lifeforms began to mutate. These mutations relentlessly attacked either friend or foe, while the masters simply decided to return to their lair.

    Meanwhile, having noticed the strange events at Eslania, the slayers send a scouting party to investigate. Not a single member of the party returned. In order to combat the incident at Eslania and the Vampires, an organization was created, with its headquarters located in the city. This group is called E.V.E. Dark Eden M on WEMIX. Vampire Masters, on the other hand, assembled forces of their own in order to find the blood scripture. But an internal power struggle between the masters created a rather peculiar atmosphere. Vampires searching for the blood scripture, and slayers seeking to protect humanity. They face off against each other in the storm of a bloodthirsty war.

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    Vampire - revisited chance of immortality. Lilith the human, who became conscious of evil by taking the fruit of blood to absorb the knowledge of God from God's untappable tree when she was tempted by the devil. Her piece of work Vampire is a race whose individual power is strong with various abilities inherited from God. Vampires use use code and a skill with their HP. Race skill: make the enemy rigid by lifestealing and recover HP immediately. Explodes the blood in the body and quickly moves forward.
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    Slayer - stop the bloody festival. A new life created by God. Human. An organization Dark Eden M on WEMIX that combined the technology and intelligence of humans (who were the original owners of the world) to fight against Vampires that created a new world with reverence for the power of God. The individual strength of each Slayer is a rather weak, although their specialized combat forces allow them to become a more formidable race by rallying together. Slayer uses cheats and various skills by using MP. Race skill: apply silver plating to the weapon so the target cannot use part of its HP. Calls a micro warp and instantly moves to the location.
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    You can move by using control pad or tapping the screen. I'll teach you how to attack your enemy. Touch the enemy or target button to assign the enemy and tap the attack button to attack. In manual combat mode, you can attack the target by touching or pressing the skill button. When Dark Eden M on WEMIX cheat code is on, the target is automatically targeted and the registered skills in the shortcut window is used. You can obtain the dropped item by tapping loot button. When monster is killed, there is a chance that the item will drop. You can loot the item by touching the pick up button. If you don't pick up the item for 1 minute, other players can also pick it up.
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    Tier up - TAjstaYWH.By increasing tier, you can improve basic skills and obtain tier achievement rewards.
    Tier medals - hxfj6gZOv.There is a limit to amount of obtainable tier medals. Cannot obtain more than the limit.
    1000000 gold - NDrEYuyVx
    4000 ruby - l0TGlXAaq
    advance relic gacha 10 times - RnyTbLm94
    enchantment box - IXuI1XRL1
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    improved resilience potion - KO05JaSSZ
    radiant equipment box - ILXH6e2Re
    Registable skill list will pop up when you tap the empty slot on the right. You can register skill by tapping it. Auto use function will be stopped when you tap the restered skill again.

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