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    You are a mercenary. Your task is to defeat the undead army before they break into the city. To win, you must take the battle to them. Rush in close and smash the vile archers. There are allied troops on the left side and enemies on right side. It is a turn based battle and all troops walk in turns. To attack an enemy, click on an enemy unit.

    Mission: break through the security - you have an army of several different units at your disposal. Current mission - defeat the imperial border guards and occupy the sawmill. Your hero can strike them from a safe distance and order the units under your command. Your partner, the she-elf, will help you in your mission. Your entire army was crushed, you were lucky to survive. Impressed by your valor, archangels appear before you urging you to fulfil your destiny and take the path of heroism! The gate of the empire stand stoutly in front of you, your castle not far ahead.

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    The capital city opens its gate to you, and i will be your guide in this astonishing world. Together, we will make a few first steps into your life in the capital. The grounds outside the city are unsafe. But i have heard of your bravely and o know that a mere mote of danger fills your heart with vigour. Hunting is one of the favourite time passing in the Capital. It is sport, training and profit. Besides the spirit of competition and acquiring combat skills, you can always find something valuable off your prey. Here, this map will serve you to track your game.

    The initiative bar are situated at the bottom of the screen. The initiative bar displays the order in which stacks and heroes will get their turns. Right now, the stack at the left edge of the Lords of War and Money hack panel is active. You may give it orders: take defense, wait, attack or move. You can view information on any hero or stack by pointing a cursor to them and ctrl+left-click them. It is a melee fighter's turn now. To move the stack, choose a lit up free square and click it. if there is an enemy stack in its movement range, you may give orders to attack it.
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    Any combat begins with a settlement. During the settlement, you are supposed to place your troops on desired positions, split greater stacks into smaller ones if you wish to and you can use Lords of War and Money cheat codes. To split a stack, click the arrows on the stack's icon, then drag it onto the battlefield. If you have shooters, it is recommended to cover them around with several low populated stacks. After settling your troops click the begin vombat button. Your stacks and enemy's stacks move in turns. The interval that has to pass until the stack gets its turn once again depends on the initiative parameter.

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    Hero can attack any enemy creature, or use magic, if there are spells known. To attack an enemy creature, point your cursor to it and left click mouse.

    You will need money for comfortable existence. The main profit source is use the BRXsVJNzb Lords of War and Money code or joining the Labourers' guild. They supervise the works at different facilities scattered around the entire land. You can track them on that magical map of yours, by the way. Find a facility that pays more, or just the one that isn't too far to go after and has job offers, and direct your workers there. Mining, machining, production - three words a Laborers' guild member knows by heart. Your workers will provide their labour for the empire for a one hour shift, collect the salary and return to your castle.

    There are shooter in your army. They are able to attack enemy at distance. Use this advantage to destory the opponent's main forces before they get to your positions.

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