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    September 15th, 2012, Egypt. I'm Carlos Gonzales. As a interpol, i've been tracing black python for 1 year. As the largest international criminal clique, it set its sights on the ancient Egyptian treasure Heart of Pharaoh. Plack Python has already entered the pyramid. I should stop them from gaining heart of Pharaoh.

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    Swipe the screen to look around. Move the left joystick to move. Tech gloves left nearby the body, which is incompatible with ancient Egyptian civilization. Black Python has already entered the pyramid. But some of them have suffered misfortune through they've equipped high tech tools. What in the end is in the pyramid? I don't have any other choice. I hope his equipment can help me to find the heard of Pharaoh.

    Enter training page. Tap to enter skill learning page, than select tech branch. Tap to select rocket boxing, tap upgrade to learn rocket boxing.

    Fast recovering cheat - 1mUO0tjV0 self headling, recovers a little HP .
    0YsHsOCj4 - unlimited energy Endless Nightmare 3 Shrine code.

    The fiber lining will effectively protect your hands so that the external impact will not bring pain, while the booster will help to improve the power of boxing. Except for physical blows, the activation of other generators costs energy. The energy consumption of the same cannot be controlled at the minimum value for now, and it is necessary to replenish energy at any time or upgrade it to increase its energy limit.

    Tap to crouch - greatly reduces footstep sound. Crouch to enter sneak mode to assassinate enemies. Your stamina is out. Stamina automatically recovers over time. Drag the stick upward to run. Running costs stmaina.

    Endless Nightmare 3 Shrine code - skill upgrade supplies.
    daily pack - oKwDmM9hl
    beginner pack - z52y3NGtf
    advance pack - EfkLwKAtF
    ultimate firepower pack - oeWAwbadZ
    premium - saQTonABU
    unlimited stamina - ZkO6PD0Ef

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    RhafbzJqy - obtain M1D14 shotgun immediately
    4A2P1mllQ - obtain TAC015 Sniper crossbow
    jwileuUUb - obtain MP5 Submachine Gun
    Wbnf1KDeT - obtain 500000 cashes
    VqQim2nMP - obtain 50000 gems
    VAQE6dIiQ - Molotov cocktail
    ftc9WxLkd - unlimited ammo
    wGCh1DuzF - HP recover
    SSOQT4W1e - energy stone (large)

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