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    Drag the accuracy, aim at the enemy! You are acting as a liberator. You need to destroy enemy soldiers that will appear from everywhere: fly in balloons, hide in a bunker, hang on vines. Destroy the enemy as soon as possible, as they will attack you. With each hit in your tank, the amount of your health will decrease. If your health drops to zero, you lose. If there are a lot of opponents, you can use skills that require recharging. So find the right time to apply them.

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    After each mission you need to repair your tank. Repairs take place for gold coins, which can be obtained by killing the enemy, found in caches (broken cars) or using codes from the hack menu. Over time, you can improve your tank and put more weapons. To manage these weapons you need to hire personnel. Same weapons can be dragged together to upgrade. All weapons will increase their damage together.

    Don't waste the materials you pick on the road. Drag it in and see what you can make? You can also sell something if money is not enough.

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