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    In 2053, Axion started recalling Origin due to a mechanical malfunction. 99% of Origin were recalled and destroyed, with the remaining 1% missing. In 2056, overall productivity has dropped significantly due to the resources, which resulted in wars that reduced the global population rapidly. The world was shrouded in the flames of battle. In 2058, Axion launched Order, the second generation of lifelike robots, boasting their obedience and combat prowess and joining the war to regorge the world order. At the same time, the 1% of the Origin that was missing gained self awareness after awakening, and became the core of the human resistance against Axion.

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    Vigil - a veteran security officer who served multiple contracts with major private military companies, his services remain highly sought after even by his former enemies. His most courageous act of corporate service was leading a besieged megacity in a heroic defence against an overwhelming HIVE invasion. Despite taking enormous casualties, he was able to rally their forces and save the city from total destruction.

    Spectre -what records can be found indicates a stellar career in high risk corporate espionage, most notable having worked her way into deep cover with Axion. This operation allowed her to leak crucial information vital to multiple megacities that helped prevent a total take over by Axion in the aftermath of the Hive wars.

    Skill charge increases over time. Drag the skill to the enemy. Let's connect to the central HQ server and see what we still have. We're going to need a lot to repair the facilities. Steel is necessary to construct and upgrade buildings. These buildings provide us with troops and research. Higher steel production will allow you to construct and upgrade a building whenever you need. There's not much, but there's at least enough steel to build a new foundry. With cheat code we can speed up the repair process. First, we need to clear out some usable space amongst the rubble. There's a lot of resources in here that can be recycled and used. Second, use hack FcEOhXIRM and let's start building a steel foundry.

    But we need more help to take the whole city back from Axion. There are plenty of resistance forces all over the city. We've got to find a way to link up with them. By training your operatives, their combat effectiveness will increase. Let's perform the most basic of training operations. Raise your operative's level by using the OLGdjP4cR CYBER ERA code.

    1kk steel - i3WNvvcbP
    1kk titan glass - Jz4sQ7tRb
    5000 nano enhancer - pD5U6e5zK cheats
    1kk fusion core - 5WtBM12yy
    24h construction boost - LLyWaWze4
    advanced insignia - bRAsm31Bm
    10 advanced recruit - 1i15mwP5B
    instant train - GPi2mmtKl

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    megacorp gift - hwiS0YG3q
    vip status - FlkAJqJ9k
    carbon fiber treasure - iLluSm3Z5
    steel treasure - SQN70Cmon
    fusion core treasure - XZsgj9Nq0
    50000 alpha credits - 24BZ01eQS

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    Dr. Douglas Mauser (Mad Maus) - U8yxLsq4Q
    Yue Xia (Steel Rain) - v1HERVvzc
    Debbie Austin (Tag!) - WCrRJmmFa
    Marius Bogdan (Brimstone) - tEFiwDbEa
    Oliver Hess (Prof. Strahl) - 7OoRV99Dp
    Leopold Bauer (Professor) - 4pynvWUrk
    Mariam Saber (Auset) - Ud3ivSt9D
    Noemie Beauregard (Seraphin) - VXEcON8qX pass
    Otto Fischer (Otto-bot) - GiSeeERXp hack
    Veronica Day (Panacea) - 1lTJk1hfN
    Giovanni Brune (Maestro) - AQ3X76MpD
    Unknown (Snakebyte) - m01RSTO9V
    Elena Moretti (Succubus) - 6i3NxwmNj
    Kutsumi Kuba (Ronin) - Lv7x6rLUn
    Zoey Swift (Nine Lives) - smiB096kc
    Bora Song (Punch and Ju-D1) - qpw0OkMN5

    resources - iQaUc9GlH
    boosts - HIbckZHi6
    protocols - 9YO4kcCPc

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