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    Hurry! We are not here for a walk! Remember, one of the 5 sacred stones is nearby! I smell something strange. We need to reach village, but these undead are in the way. Match 3 gems of the same color. Heroes matching the color will attack. Each collection of hero-colored stones fills their energy bar. When the scale is full, the hero will highlight and you can use a special skill. By swapping 4 or more gems together you will create a powergem.

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    The higher the number on the power gem, the bigger the explosion and the more gems you destroys. Your heroes will also launch their special attack which does a lot of damage. Elements affect how much damage your attacks do, Lufo will do bonus elemental damage to fire lizard. The battle zone is divided in 2 areas. Front heroes can be reached by anyone while the back heroes can only be reached by ranged heroes such as archers, wizards or gunners. Time to level up your heroes with the HDGsSPd6B Stone Breaker cheat code.

    Tap on an enemy to select him as the target. Only ranged heroes can target the backline. We need to go after Kaos and find my sister. If Kaos gets the other sacred stones, nobody will be able to defeat him. The legend says there are five sacred stones. Our village was responsible for keeping the divine stone before Kaos stole it. The darkness stone is at the heart of the dark plains in orc territory. To get there, we have to cross destroys Canyon and pirate Bay. This means we don't have a second to lose.

    Let's get stronger by summoning a new hero:
    epic hero summon Stone Breaker code - GtmDvf6Oe. Guaranteed rare, epic or legendary hero.
    legendary hero cheat - 1kPqFvayz
    Combine equipment of the same category to activate the family buff. Combine gems from the same element to bring him back to the battle.

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    Increase attributes:
    ATK - rjP347t4k
    HP - ISnJz7GKh
    DEF - kppFRF3nX
    Resistance - jcorF0znY
    Accuracy - M9GL81O0q
    legendary equipment - DelvoVVoB
    legendary weapon - 8A233p0TJ

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