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    The blessing of the Goddess once brought a long lasting peace on earth. It was till that day when the Demon lord came all of a sudden and wreaked havoc everywhere on earth. The Goddess rallied the warriors to fight against the Demon lord without flinch. Having to retreat after being defeated. The demon lord turned into wisps of curses and fled. Awaiting the opportunities to comeback. In the places where the curses were laid upon. All things on earth were plunged into misery and suffering. It didn't come to an end untill the warriors following the Goddess came for hundreds of years. They tracked down hither and thither from continent to continent battling with demon of all kinds.

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    An adventure began in an unknown world before the dawn was swallowed by the dark. Even though it's a journey of no turning back. Protecting the earth was their permanent unswerving mission. The blessing of light will always be guiding you. Go, warrior. The scenery before me is quite unfamiliar. It seems that i have arrived at the place in the Oracle. This place is as natural as i had expected. head still hurts. The turbulence in the time space rift was really dangerous. Wait a minute, where is all the stuff i was carrying? I should walk around to get my bearings before everything goes dark.

    Use the stick to walk around. Move the stick to choose the direction in which you're going. Tap the jump button on the bottom right corner of the screen to jump in place. You can also move the stick when you jump to reach a higher place with ease. Enter hack menu, use the XfffPrczH New Dawn cheat or QqZIpUKoX code, tap the Dash button on the right of the screen to send your character dashing in the direction he is facing so that he travel faster. It's a dangerous place. Let's look around the beach and find a way to leave this island as soon.

    Tap the hammer icon on the top, got to the general tab, and build 1 campfire. The flames are scorching. keep them away from the flammable thatch. Rotate the view to adjust the placement of building materials. During constructions, buildings materials are automatically attached to other building materials near the crosshair. Place the building materials as you wish to build your dream house.
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    After sunset, the countless shadows dwelling in the dark become active and roam the earth. You must stay away from them. When veturing in the night, remember to light the torch in your hand. Light and heat are the only things they fear. Perhaps the safer choice is to return to the comfort of a warm bed and sleep till daybreak.

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    Wild horses are very cautious. You are likely to get hurt if you recklessly approach them. First, prepare some sturdy reins at your workbench. If you spot horses in the wild, you can choose to activate sneak mode and slowly approach them from behind. Get onto the horse, affix the Reins, and coax the startled horse. Once the horse stops struggling, it means that it has accepted you as its new partners. It can get jerky while riding a horse. A comfortable Saddle can make horse riding less taxing. At the hitching post, equip the horse with the Saddle you made at your workbench. With a Saddle, you will be able to roam the world with these horses freely.

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    There is a secret hidden within the slumbering Guardian stone. This must be one of the trials left behind by the predecessors. Once you pass this trial, you'll be able to obtain the treasures left behind for the Late Settlers. After the guardian stone is awakened, a mystical creature will appear. Nobody knows what lies within their captivating eggshells. They are timid yet playful. If they're startled, they will continuously eject fake shells that will drift in the air. These are intended to distract the intruder so that they can flee. Before they sling away, attempt to pop these bubbles with your axe or bow. have a fun puzzle game in the air.

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