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    Welcome traveler to this recently discovered magical island. Thank you for joining our expedition to find and defeat the greatest evil. Welcome to Loren! It is our main base from which we explore the island. I will try to show you some important places and people. First, go to the south or east exit. You will phantom guardian there - Ensley on the south and Fayette on the east. If you are not level 40 yet, you can get an upgrade from her that lasts on hour that will help you in battle.

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    The staffs aren't very strong for physical attacks, but instead increase the power of the spells cast. Their main task is to support the team with close and long range spells. Damage fully depends on intelligence.

    Maces are used by holy warriors. Unlike other weapons, this one focuses on supporting other players, but also has some offensive abilities. Their strength is largely based on strength and mind.

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    Swords are either one-handed or two handed. Their main tasks in combat are DPS or Tank. They have various abilities that allow them to deal damage, attract opponent's attention or support allies. The main stat scaling damage is Strength, and the supporting dexterity.

    Spears are powerful two handed weapons that usually combine power and speed. They are very popular, and usually require less strength and more agility. Their main tasks in combat is DPS. Main damage is based on Strength and dexterity.

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