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Hack Nautical Life 2
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    You lazy, is this time to wake up? Pay attention! I just read the morning newspaper and they're announcing new subscriptions to the FIF fisherman exam! It's going to be in South Paradise, in a few days. I know you're tired of fishing the same weak fishes from our island here, but if approved in this exam, you will win a FIF fisherman card. This card will bring you many benefits, like having access to better fishing areas and being able to join professional competitions. Let's go to the beach to sharpen your fishing before the exam. Your old grandpa still has some tricks to teach you.

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    Touch the water to select where you will throw your bait, but don't touch too far, your line may not reach it. At the top you can see the fish's resistance. If the meter reaches the left end, you lose, if it reach the right end, you win. The fish will pull to the left the whole time. Green bar - this is your power bar, it will sway. The bigger the difference between your bar and the fish's, the bigger the pull you'll give. You can increase your power bar using code GqRMEQD7W.
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    Tap your rod button the moment your bar is higher than the fish's bar. But don't take too long or the fish will get away. If you work hard, one day you can be a high rank fisherman and win the FIF championship. Okay, now i have a more interesting thing to teach you. Let's cook the fish you just caught. For that we need woods and stones for the bonfire. Use Nautical Life 2 cheat E32wY0Kp9 to get 50 different resources. Okay, i see you've managed to collect all the resources we need. Now i'm going to teach you how to grill the fish.

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    To cook recipes, you have to access your backpack by tapping backpack button. Now tap on Crafts. This is where all your recipes are stored, when you have the resources you can create something more elaborated, just click on craft. To eat this delicious grilled Anchovy, you must first tap inventory. Now tap the consumables icon. This is where all your consumables items are. Tap to eat the grilled Anchovy. Whenever you run out of energy, use the k5Tsprf2w pass from Nautical Life 2 hack menu or cook and eat to replenish it. There are many types of recipes, each one with different energy boost level and effects.

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    Tap the boat to board. Use the joystick to your left to control the boat's direction and speed. If you wish to return to dry kand, tap the land here button to your right.

    Furniture cheat hkQhHDbgG - you can get furniture for your house and boat, the buttons below represent each category of furniture.

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    strength - QiXHudS4m Add point.
    exhaustion - CAOgXEyjX. Reduces fish pull
    silence - Sh2HDmvbD. Prevents the fish from using skills.
    freeze - XY29Pq3Jc. Freeze the fish bar.
    assistance - ekt44cRql. It makes the player bar green when it's the best moment to hook the fish.

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