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    Mount Olympus: Welcome contestants! Only one will be crowned a Greek God! Meet your crew! Your mission: guide these idiotz through dangerous obstacles. This Guys can survive anything. Now off you go! May the best God Win! Your followers will spawn continuously at portal. Your goal is to help the reach to another portal. But as you can see, they're hopeless on their own. They're going to need a little divine intervention. As a god in training, you command Demigods like this Builder.

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    Tap to move to the button. You created a safe path for them. Now let's watch and see what happens. Now you can rach that third button. Excellent work! They can now safely reach the goal! press the clear level button to move to the next trial. The builder is able to place bridges across certain gaps. he's out of planks! Use the rtuhltO4O code or rip up old bridge and recycle it. You're learning fast! Let's try something a bit more difficult.

    Altar have affects similar to buttons, but can only can only be activated by your followers. help them reach this altar and see for yourself. Well done! Now your bulder can rach button. Wow, that's a lot of gaps to cross! Your builder might need some help here. Collect all pickup to get an extra plank. Don't leave your planks behind! Ouch! That hurt, looks like you'll need to find a way around cannon. Your followers are opening chest for you. Let's help them out - gems, gold, and new spell! Shield Bearer - routinely voted favorite Demigod by your followers, the shield bearer protects anyone behind him with his indestructible shield.
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    Meet your second Demigod, the mighty Shieldbearer! His shield can protect him and anyone behind him from projectiles. You'll need him to protect your followers so they can activate an altar. Look! Your followers are building a statue in your honor. Once complete, they'll pay you tributes in gold.

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    What's going on? I can't see the goal through all this fog! There must be some way to clear it. Amazing! Altar cleared the fog and summoned a shield bearer as well. Swap between demigods by tapping their portrait.

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