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    We were in trouble. This is going from bad to worse! They are not falling back! We need to find the void stone and leave. Touch and drag anywhere to move. Press the shoot button to use your equipped weapon. it aims on enemies automatically. Stand still to activate your laser sight. When using laser sight, you deal extra precision damage. The Ducans have brought new types of elemental weapons i have not seen before. I will need the proper equipment to counter them.

    NETFLIX Relic Hunters Rebels cheats - code list:

    I don't know much about weapons, but i am a great engineer! Tell you what: bring me some blueprints and materials, and i'll cook up some new guns for ya! Let's craft our first weapon! Crafting weapons costs materials from your inventory. Tap workshop - this is where we will gear up for the challenges ahead of us. Rebel points code - ouRfsZ0Se. Press the skill button to use Jimmy's special dash and become invulnerable for a few seconds. Wait for the cooldown to be able to use it again.

    Each weapon has different traits that you can upgrade, but all weapons have multishots! It is one of the most powerful traits if you want to increase your damage. Each Boss has a unique weapon that you can obtain. Play Boss fights several times to collect the blueprints. Crafting, upgrading and ranking up weapons give you a LOT of Rebel rank! It is much more efficient than just completing missions. Rarer weapons give more rebel rank.
    craft - mgDF2gHxK
    upgrade - haDzKemEd
    rank up -a0uxXKZXK
    legendary weapon - dugJdMDkS
    off cd - OiBtkvG2v

    You can carry up to 3 weapons each weapon uses different ammo. Press the switch button to equip your other weapons. Jimmy's dash skill makes him invulnerable! While using Dash you can go through enemy attacks unharmed. Your power is measured by rebel rank. You can get rebel points by completing missions, upgrading weapons, but you get a lot more by using passwords from hack menu. Be careful - if your rebel rank is lower than a mission's enemy level, you will be weaker.

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    There are more missions to play if you switch the difficulty! hard mode offers greater challenges, and after that you can keep playing on rebel mode.
    unlock characters - Q6e7NVEbB
    unlock all weapons - hZDuU1eK3
    shield - VlslRaZWY
    auto aim -SXKRvRUX8

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