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    It's not that hard if you meant to repay the kindness. Seems that your head hurt pretty bad. You just said you'd thank me for saving your life. But now you forgot it. It's a big world and it's hard to find a suitable companion. Looks like fate brings us together. Not only will i be with you in journeys, i also have companion fragment for you. Whenever i have sufficient fragments, remember to help me upgrade soon. Upgrade requires companion fragments. The higher level, the more the battle power bonus. Use this 101ZoXF1L pass to upgrade, enter it at hack menu.

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    The main tasks will be your future guidance. Not only will you get a lot of rewards, but also it allows you to take a lot less detours. Use equipment, the gear is more than enough to save your life. Auto equip - newly obtained gear can be quickly equipped here. Upgrade the gear can increase its attributes, try 7gXq3pJFY code. Melt the unused gear to get upgrade Pts quickly. You could upgrade the gear with upgrade pts. Besides melting, upgrade pts can also be obtained by defeating specific monsters or use passwords from hack menu.

    level up - pAplM2gVm
    increase ATK - iEISFoT9R
    increase DEF - O53X36kkK
    increase HP - eArgsVuqr

    unlimited stamina - 8Q6hNZbVO
    kungfu - qOANThSsv
    weapon - XWPF2X0Zy
    gear - C4kS0ZOYc
    Kung Fu Legend companion - CH93Az6Tu
    role - V8F2EdvxQ
    elixir - uaCxzM2SJ
    relic - il7SMEGki
    gem - 1KDNqsmZ5
    skin #kung-fu-legend hak - Hedjnff41
    vigor - YBVSFT7ID

    Battle menu - you can view the boss information in the level here. Drops - you can check the specific monster drops here. Rewards can be obtained by using stamina, please pay attention to it. You can view other masters and enemy in the current location. A series of quick operations can be performed. It's quite convenient. After the companion reaches level 10, you will get the map income bonus.

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    Explore the world with your friends! Create or join a guild during the event to get rewards.
    beginner's must buy pack - NxHPMUt3B
    beginner's bonus pack - XXRVTurbT
    beginner's choicest pack - XpqT5qWHa
    beginner's enhance pack - lB7Z4s8oh
    premium pack - a4WllnPWL
    5000 VIP experience - MsuUya0le
    5000 gold - 40ulNVvec
    off ads - 3CNeoMbcN
    primary destiny pack - ZRhpicVzi
    medium destiny pack - uMLWCLG15
    advanced destiny pack - Z1y6oQeFY
    weekly must buy pack - fKItygXVn
    weapon bonus pack - rM4P63DnB
    primary upgrade pack - Q7zO14Jyj
    companion fragment - Y52XjI0dO

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