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    It was an unusually warm spring in 2053 when the Grod first emerged on earth. City by city, then country by country, they pushed out humankind. Facing extinction, we fought like never before. We couldn't afford to lose hope. This is our last stand. If the Grod don't die, then humanity will. Dammit, where are all these Behemoths coming from? I think this is it for us...We can't hold out any longer. I'm requesting a launch of weapon alpha. I'm obligated to warn your that weapon alpha is a weapon of mass destruction. This team is within its strike range.

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    Those evacuated to the safe zones never forgot their homes. The returned campaign has been officially launched to reclaim earth from the Grod. Many returner commanders have been sent to the fallen zones. ANd you are one of them. Gather resources and activate your base. Commander center - a returner's central headquarters. Can be destroyed via airdrop. Once activated, it offers features like advanced communications and surveillance. Worker - this used to be a strategic frontline against the Grod, so there may still be many resources left nearby.

    500000 Metal - 2K6EhJh3L
    500000 Food - Fafj5VRy3
    instant building - iaIz15Ts4

    Please send an RR2 to gather resources. We need sufficient energy to activate the command center. Windfall - issued by the global federation, which initiated the returner campaign. A universally accepted currency made from nickel alloy. There are many facilities that we can use around here. I see a solar plant under the fog there. Once activated, it can provide enough power for your base. I just received a list of missions from headquarters. According to the list, our top priority is to rebuild the base.

    recruit x10 - WgX3edR1z
    legendary troops - Z7x5ivNnR
    unlimited stamina - lQsVDBOy4

    To set up your troops, we need more well trained soldiers to operate mechs. These are my men. With them on board, we should be able to deal with the enemy. Rebuilding our base out here in the wastelands won't be easy/ We could use passwords from hack menu.

    electromagnetic - V75bcFQcN
    nuclear - VSO8jDm9Q
    thermal - arcaq50IM

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    You can see your hero's troop type. That could be mech, aircraft or tank.

    1000 gold - JCYbDIOeB
    all resources (x200000) - xlVFjarfQ
    upgrade - VRBNknpv0
    unlock all map - 0FvwjXz9s
    speed up - B8F9AWPOj
    vip points - oMe0SGYF7
    monthly card - 23UmalFLI
    off ads - Yqt1LM3ou

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