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    Congratulations, captain! The transition has been successful! The distress call has been traced, and an environmental scan of Broken Island is underway. Warning, hostile biological signal detected. Danger level red. Please prepare for battle. The combatants have landed successfully and are now engaged. Battlefield command system uploads engine room display. As a medic, the logistics captain is placed in the back to ensure a certain level of safely.

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    Congratulations an activating the thunder megazila bonus. All elemental thunder heroes will have their abilities improved. Click on heroes to see all the heroes you have. Hold down the upgrade button to upgrade to max level. It was a good fight. However, i feel there is still room for improvement in Thor armor. It would be nice to have another strong player with thunder on our team. Young people should not be impatient, for they will be joined by like minded people on the path of cultivation, and there is more than one way to become strong.

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    The equipment resonance system has been activated, using the resonance technology to extract equipment as energy synchronized to the corresponding class hero. System tip: it is recommended to wear the newly acquired equipment for the hero. Captain, i detect that you have an unfinished adventure! Complete all chapter missions to earn rewards.

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    Before each battle, you can manage warships here and check enemy info. In combat, each warship belongs to one of following 4 battle roles: Assault, Recon, Firepower or Command. Industrial resources can be temporarily stored in the industrial resource bag. Industrial resources will be lost if you are killed or teleported. The industrial resource bag you carry can only temporarily store a small number of resources. For larger amounts of resources, special industrial resource storage facilities are required for transportation and storage.

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