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    Welcome! I'm mr> Bravery. My mission is to help animals escape from the shreds of poachers! Could you help me? Wonderful! I'll show you a couple of tricks that will help you on this journey. Tap on the cage to zoom in. Poor elephant. We should rescue her! Tap on the back button to zoom out. Let me explain how to explore the island. Scroll the camera. Good! Now pinch to zoom in. Tap on the electric panel. very good! Now try to open the door. Tap on the electric wires.

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    Rotate pieces to restore the connection of elements. Awesome! You complete your first puzzle. Now scroll the camera to the table. Look, there's something on the table. Tap to zoom in. Great! Here is a not, pick it up. Tap on the back button to zoom out. Who left the briefcase here? Tap on it to zoom in. Let's look around, maybe we will find something interesting. It's a key! Pick it up! You can hide your inventory if it's bothering you. Just tap on the backpack button.

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    Now scroll the camera to the board. Tap to zoom in. Tap on the remote. Okay, let's look at the note. Looks like some kind of hint. Tap on the first button. Now tap on the second button. Good job! Pick up the battery. Where else we could use this battery? Try putting it next to the door. Nothing happened, let's try to pull the lever. Pull the lever down. Good, let's check what happened. Look, the light is on now!
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    Collect the wheel, we might need it. Let's take the scythe as well. Now let's try to fix the car. Place the missing wheel. Now use the key to start the car. Awesome! he elephant is almost free. I noticed something in the grass. There's a safe. Use the scythe to cut the grass. If you get stuck you can always ask for my help. Just click on the hint button.

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