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    Hello everyone Today we will consider a new game in which you have to defend your settlement from the attack of a huge crowd of opponents. The game is quite banal! You have a hero who continuously attacks. You just need to control the direction of his attack. You must destroy all the enemies on the map before they destroy the defensive wall. With each level, the opponents become stronger, they hide behind boxes that are long and difficult to break. Archers are placed in distant positions, which destroy your defenses while you fight off the infantry.

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    Each kill gives you a small amount of experience. When you reach a new level, you can choose either a new fighter, an increase in characteristics, a new skill or an acceleration of the attack. You can also enter letter codes from the list below to speed up the game. If the defense is destroyed, your characters die. You can resurrect them for crystals or using the hacking menu.

    If you do not resurrect, then the passage of the stages ends, you are given a reward in the form of gold coins and transferred to the main menu. Every ten levels, a reward is given and the defense characteristics are restored. You can go to the main menu and add fighters, buy souls, enter passwords or turn on the autoclicker. The autoclicker can continue to play for you, passing the stages and earning crystals and gold.
    summon soul x10 - the bj2ItbsdJ Soul Launcher code
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    Reach the boss battle and get additional artifacts that increase the characteristics of your fighters. If you can't go any further, start the passage from the beginning, earn more gold, improve your fighters. Do not forget to look into the hacking panel every day, pick up daily gifts and look at the new functionality that will help you play easily.
    remove ads set - 4i86LlGES
    newbie set - iCzhyxiOr

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    from 01 to 10 may redeem pass - 4q11w4N7d
    from 11 to 20 may redeem pass - 8KTiQ13O0
    from 21 to 30 may redeem pass - Jq6umPUYG
    from 31 may to 10 april gift box - mgAzxb8LA
    100000 gold coins - FlT1UGKiO
    game speed x10 - HEYMCmbOZ
    level up - 91PVNhOI2
    auto clicker - Lti7c50it
    unlock all characters - 9Dw8DHLYo

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