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    Welcome to Mars! you have just led the first humans to set foot on another planet. Our work is just beginning! We have to move quickly to establish a self sustaining outpost. begin by establishing a command center, which will provide a base amount of life support for our city. Command center - as fas as humanity is concerned, the command center is the literal center of the world. Anything related to the settlement is issued form this facility, and all reports make their way back here. In case of an emergency, the commander center is fully equipped to sustain up to 25 people, although we hope that won't be necessary.

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    Next, build a laboratory. This is where your settlers will research new technologies, unlocking new construction options as well as providing your city with revenue. We had a lot of information about this world before we arrived, but there's still so much we need to learn. A Laboratory will allow scientists to research new technologies to make life on this world easier, in fact, life on Earth might benefit from our scientific breakthroughs as well. Our lab has finished construction, but before we can use it, we need to assign some settlers to work in it.

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    Most facilities need to be staffed to remain operational, and the only way to get new settlers is to bring them in on rockets. Now that our laboratory is fully up and running, let's get started with some research. Tap on the research button toward the left of the screen to open the research menu. From here, you'll be able to guide your outpost's scientific efforts and build your economy. Be sure to keep your labs busy, as you can only research one tech at a time. Use the Landfall cheat, which can help you with resources, instant construction, etc. You have to enter the codes from the hacking menu.

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    Now that we have our basic life support systems researched, let's start building a sustainable settlement. Check the right side of the screen for your next priorities: right now we should secure our supplies of power, oxygen, water, food and shelter. The algae farm produces crops, but in order to feed our people, we need a place to convert the crops into food. Build a cafeteria now, so our settlers can finally have a decent meal.

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    So far we've used the steel that we brought to create our city, continuing to send steel from earth will be expensive, so let's construct an ore refinery to start taking advantage of Mars' natural resources. Let's use the ore refinery to convert that into usable steel. Tap on the factory button the left of the screen to open the gear production menu - this is where we control the settlement's manufacturing operations. From here you can see what is being produced, check for any warnings or problems, and hurry production when necessary.

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